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Texas Bigfoot Book
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When most people think of Texas, Bigfoot is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Tales of the Alamo, cowboys, oil tycoons, and legendary football games are more likely to crop up in conversation than what most would consider a mystery best suited for the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Yet Texas is a vast place full of strange anomalies that are often as big as its ten-gallon reputation, and that includes sightings of ape-like creatures fitting the description of Bigfoot.

For nearly two hundred years, residents of the Lone Star State have reported dramatic encounters with elusive wildmen and hair-covered beasts that surely rival those from any part of the world.  Texas may be known for its western landscapes yet its true geography is incredibly diverse, offering miles upon miles of piney woods, dense thickets, creeks, and even swamps where mysterious creatures may indeed roam and flourish.  Is Sasquatch among them?  Find out as I offer a thrilling journey across the wilds of the Lone Star State where true tales of the Texas Bigfoot may surprise and even shock you.  They say “everything’s bigger in Texas,” and if so, this may well be the state’s biggest and most unexpected mystery of all.

- Includes appendix, maps, and index.

Texas Bigfoot: History, Legends, and Modern Encounters in the Lone Star State
by Lyle Blackburn
LegendScape Publishing
Paperback, 1st Edition
Cover art by Claudio Bergamin
261 pages / 37 photos / 13 illustrations

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