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American Monster Tour DVD
Item #: DVD-009
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Product Description

Episode 01 - Oklahoma Demon Flyer

Lyle and Ken make a stop along old Route 66 near the outskirts of Oklahoma City to investigate recents sightings of a huge, pterosaur-like flying creature. The guys interview several credible witnesses and experts, who stories suggest there may be an unknown entity fitting the description of a modern-day pterodactyl inhabiting parts of Oklahoma and Texas. Lyle and Ken proceed to explore the nearby roads and wildlife areas to find out for themselves.

Episode 02 - Caddo Creature

Lyle and Ken visit the small town of Jefferson, Texas, where a long history of eyewitness reports tell of a Bigfoot creature lurking in the swampy bottoms of nearby Caddo Lake.  The duo interviews first-hand witnesses whose incredible stories reflect the darkest secrets of the lake and surrounding areas.  The guys eventually embark on their own spooky, investigation into the primordial woods during the bitter chill of winter.

DVD Disc
All Regions
Running Time: 91 minutes

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